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Artículo: Vintage is the way - Vintage Timex | VARIO

Vintage is the way - Vintage Timex | VARIO

Vintage is the way - Vintage Timex | VARIO

The reason why nowadays vintage watches are a poplar category, is because you can find some real gems at price that is unheard of.

Think about classic design traits such as Breguet numerals, 35mm case size and white lacquer dial. Your brain will start racing just like your wallet, you will start thinking that this will be an expensive afternoon. But the reality is that in the vintage world, price is determined by many factors such as condition and provenance. Perhaps the owner is unsure what the watch is, perhaps it needs a bit of service or perhaps is just an old watch. Whatever the reason is, it has become an opportunity for us watch collectors.

Of course, that there are those vintage superstar watches which can cost as much as a house, but the vast majority, are not even close. Another good point is that if we go pre 80s or pre quartz revolution, the watches will tend to be fully mechanical and in some cases with hand wound movements.

This is how I found my Timex (made in Britain) on eBay, it has all the characteristics of a great watch that can be worn today at a price that will be shocking for many, let’s begin.


The specifications

There is not much that I can say about the history of this little Timex. I couldn’t find much information about it, and I guess that is also part of the fun. The watch is signed ‘’ Made in Britain’’ but as we know Timex is an American brand, go figure. Love the small 35mm case with a lug to lug of 41mm. it is very thin at 10mm, and the dome Plexiglass adds to that number.

The while dial is still in pristine condition and those black painted Breguet numerals are top notch. That was the main reason I bought the watch; they stand out quite a bit. The hands are simple, and I quite enjoy them as they don’t take attention from the clean dial. There is no date, and the movement is a manual wind cal. 58 which I have little or no information. It is not the most accurate watch I own but it is also a testament for acceptance, not everything has to be perfect.

The water resistance is zero and the crown unsinged, which is common for watches of this period. With a little persistence and desk research I managed to place the watch into the 60’s era, not band for a 60+ year watch.


On the wrist and strap

Watches like the Timex are bound to be small, and they look good this way. It is odd that nowadays that even dress watches are big, so I quite enjoy how this looks and feels. The large domed plexiglass is scary, it feels like I am about to bump everything but again, nothing that a bit a polyglass can handle. That said, warmth of these crystals (plastics) is something that sapphire will not be able to mimic, it is something else.

One of the fun things about vintage watches is to pair them with the right strap. In the 60’s and 70’s I must say that there was a lack of imagination when it came to leather straps. Everything was black or brown and that’s it.

I’ve paired the Timex with several Vario Straps and does it look good. A vintage leather in green for a more military look and a blue grained Italian one for a more sophisticated attire. I’ve also tried a light blue suede strap which looks great, all of the are 19mm wide. This watch is a strap monster.


Now we come to the inevitable place whicgh is the price, how much would you pay for a watch like this? Well I’ve paid 75 GBP for it plus shipping. The amount of joy and knowledge I got from owning this watch certainly was worth it. We all agree that this is an expensive hobby and considering you are buying objects that are already outdated it makes it even harder to justify but, if you think about the history of this watch, the looks and the wearing experience I got from it, I would still think it’s a bargain, a hidden gem and like this small Timex, there are many watches to e discovered. Just et the right strap and you are ready to go.






Written by Robbie from Robbie & Watches


Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.



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