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Artículo: Ten Watches that Come with strap | VARIO

Ten Watches that Come with strap | VARIO

Ten Watches that Come with strap | VARIO

Watches are like an ornament on the hands of a male. The females can always wear bangles on their wrists to make it look attractive. Men have the wristbands etc. However, nothing can beat the good old wristwatch. In addition, the watches of today come in beautiful shapes and colors. They have beautiful straps as well. This adds to the attractiveness quotient. One such strap is the strap. Before we look into the ten watches that come with the strap, we should have a brief idea as to what do we mean by the word.

When we hear the word, the first thing that comes to mind is “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” Is this the same, we are referring to? In a way, we should say YES. The soldiers were the first ones to use the strap. They had to fill a form G1098 otherwise known as G10 to obtain the strap. These were simple nylon straps with the buckles made of chromium-plated brass.

Straps is making a comeback and we here are ten watches that come with the strap.

  1. Tudor Heritage Chrono

This is a classical watch with bi-directional rotatable 12-hour graduated steel bezel. The self-winding mechanical movement makes it an antique watch. Coming in a 42mm steel case with a satin finish, this watch has the classical strip.

  1. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronographe

This magnificent watch houses a 13-lignes Manufacture Blancpain movement vibrating at 36000 vibrations per hour. Coming with a column when chronograph mechanism and a clutch play, this watch has a unique flyback function. The strap is the perfect complement.

  1. Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chrono

The Chopard Grand Prix is a fantastic watch having a fixed rose gold-tone with a black top ting bezel. This analog watch is Swiss made. The strap is an added attraction.

  1. Chanel J12 with crocodile leather

The Chanel J12 is an attractive watch. Fashioned out of bold ceramic, this watch is a kind of a revolution. It comes with a crocodile leather strap. The most feminine strap we came across.

  1. Hamilton Pan-Europ

This appears to be a simple watch. However, it has a gorgeous sporty design with a high-performance automatic movement. The strap is an added attraction.

  1. Luminox Authorized Essential Gear

This is a tough watch in all respects. In fact, they have designed this watch for use by the maritime commandos. They truly deserve the strap.

  1. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 11 45th Anniversary

This is a historic watch in the sense that it was the first watch to step on the Moon. Worn by Neil Armstrong, this watch has the reputation as a Moonwatch. The strap is made from a particularly high quality material and a new design for the keepers for additional wearing comfort.

  1. Swatch Scuba Libre Deep Turtle Dive Watch

This is one of the few Swatches with a strap. It is in keeping with the Swatch brand DNA and at half the price of a rugged mechanical diver, what’s there not to love about this watch?

  1. Daniel Wellington Glasgow

Capturing the elegant nautical spirit, the strap fits beautifully on this watch and Daniel Wellington has proliferated strap to its new found popularity.

  1. Tudor Black Bay Bronze

This vintage inspired dive watch reconnects Tudor with its past and its fabric straps goes very well with the Bronze case and coffee dial.

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