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Artículo: Should You Use Quick-Release Watch Straps? | VARIO Guide

Should You Use Quick-Release Watch Straps? | VARIO Guide

Should You Use Quick-Release Watch Straps? | VARIO Guide

Whether it’s to give your favorite dial a new look, transfer your watch to someone with a different wrist size, or simply breathe new life into older bands that have undergone wear and tear, at some point you’re going to have to change your watch straps. However, depending on the type of watch straps you’re using, you could either spend a few seconds popping your old straps out and replacing them with your new ones, or you may need to break out your tools and consult an expert if things don’t go quite right.

vario watch strap

While quick release watch straps are growing in popularity, there are some instances where it’s better to hold on to the more traditional pin straps. In this article, we’ll take you through some considerations you should have in mind when making your decision. Of course, you can change the type of strap that you’re using at any time. In that case, this information is great to keep in mind for future use.

Planning to pick up some watch accessories to make the strap-changing process easier? VARIO has regular, thick, and curved spring bars as well as spring bar removal tools for sale! Check out our accessories or grab a few watch cases!

vario travel watch case

How Often Do You Change Your Watch Straps?

With the growing variety of watch strap types available, including graphic bands with unique custom prints, if you’re the kind of person who loves to show off your personality by coordinating watch straps with your outfits and accessories, quick-release bands would be ideal for you. Generally, if you change your watch straps three or more times for the year, they’re a huge timesaver, especially if you need a quick change for a special event.

Quick-release straps aren’t just conducive to style changes. Switch between more heavy-duty straps when camping and doing outdoor activities, vibrant straps when on summer vacation, and more elegant leather alternatives at work.

How Heavy Is Your Watch?

While quick-release straps tend to be fairly sturdy, you do run the risk of having them pop out of heavier watches, especially after jarring movement. Not only will this damage your straps, but it can also send your favorite watch smashing into a nearby hard surface. Watches between a hundred and a hundred and sixty-five grams are generally classified as average-weight, while anything above this would count as a ‘heavier’ watch.

If you like what we have lovingly dubbed ‘wrist cannons’, then it might be better for you to go traditional just to be safe. However, quick-release straps fit perfectly with most average-sized watches, and are generally preferable for most watches that you would fine in person or in online stores.

vario cordura watch strap

Once You Go Quick-Release…

After experiencing the ease of changing your watch straps in seconds, it’ll certainly pose a challenge to go back to the more difficult traditional pin bands! Most persons are able to remove the bands using just their fingers, but a special quick-release spring removal tool can make the process even quicker, plus you won’t sustain any damage to your fingers and fingernails.

Quick-release watch straps are being rolled out by more and more top brands, so now is the best time to see what all the hype is about if you're not on the bandwagon.

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