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Artículo: Give Your Casio Royale AE1200WH A Whole New Look | VARIO

Give Your Casio Royale AE1200WH A Whole New Look | VARIO

Give Your Casio Royale AE1200WH A Whole New Look | VARIO

Casio’s AE1200 is one of those series that watch lovers will have a hard time not purchasing. Averaging a $25 price tag depending on the specific model, they’re insanely affordable. Plus, with 100m water resistance, world time, a 10-year battery life, and LED functionality, you get everything you paid for and more – even after its plastic casing has been knocked around for a bit.

The biggest ‘issue’ owners may have with these watches is that out of the box, they look like they’re worth $25. Maybe $30. But Vario has found a way to up the elegance, and best of all, you can do it within the same price range as your Casio AE1200/AE1300 purchase with this simple mod.

Casio AE1200WH on Vario Cinnamon Brown Fitted Strap

But first, let’s talk about what the Casio AE1200 series is working with. One of the first things you’ll notice when you look up this series is the close association watch fans have drawn to the iconic James Bond films. It’s even been dubbed the ‘Casio Royale’ after the 2006 Daniel Crag theatrical release. However, not only is the watch notably absent from that film, it’s nowhere to be found in any James Bond film. If you pay close attention to Roger Moore in Octopussy, you might see a watch that looks suspiciously similar to the CASIO AE1200’s square LCD on his wrist, but squint, and you’ll realize that he’s wearing the coveted Seiko G757 Sports 100.

seiko g757

Still, having a watch that’s stylistically similar to the Seiko G757 without the thousand-dollar price tag is a trend we can get behind.

vario ae1200wh world time casio royale watch strap

Casio AE1200WH on Vario Prussian Blue Fitted Strap

The AE1200 comes in different colours, mainly black, silver and army-green. There are also 3 strap options, namely rubber, stainless steel, and canvas.

The first thing you’ll notice about the watch is its squarish shape case with angled edges and cockpit instrument style digital display. The AE1200's defining feature is a world map that indicates time zone, highlighting the regions in each as you scroll through which makes it a great travel watch.

Casio fitted in a secondary time display in the upper left corner. The secondary clock like display will always display the time of your preset home time zone, making it easy to find out what time it is back home. Aside from these features, you get a 10 year battery lifespan, led backlight, stop watch, timer, 5 alarms and the times in 48 different cities, covering all time zones.

As most watch enthusiasts have been pampered with the de facto stainless steel case and sapphire crystal configuration, one would agree many enthusiasts would purchase an upmarket version should Casio choose to make one. However at it's current price, we really shouldn't complain as you could always just pick another one up when it gets beaten up given its affordability. So what else can we do to upgrade the watch? Read more for this simple mod that will improve the look of your AE1200/AE1300 or other Casios with 18mm lugs drastically.

vario casio ae1200 casio royale watch strap

Casio AE1200WH on Vario Moss Green Fitted Strap

Giving Your Casio AE1200WH World Time a VARIO Visual Upgrade

The black resin, metal or nylon band that comes standard with the AE1200/AE1300 series does its job decently right out of the box but won’t win you any points in the style department. From to Harris Tweed and soft silicone, VARIO strives to help customers ‘wear their personality ' by lifting the look and feel of the most cost-effective watches via first-class strap designs.

Our latest collection, Oiled Leather Watch Straps for Casio AE1200WH World Time, continues the trend. Unlike other third-party general-purpose straps that are too bulky, too narrow, or unbalanced on the wrist, these are comfortable, lightweight, and taper perfectly from the lugs. The material chosen for this strap collection is a beautiful leather finished with the pull-up technique, where hot oil or wax is used to add a distinguished two-tone effect to its already vibrant color. This type of leather easily develops a natural, gorgeous patina when bent, and can have your Casio AE1200 looking like a collector’s item within just a few weeks.

Specs and Other Things to Note

Each strap has an 18 mm lug width and 24mm strap width, plus quick-release pins that allow you to upgrade and switch up your looks in under a minute. Because of VARIO’s inspection policy, each strap is checked for problems like loose or uneven stitching before shipment, so you know only the best is coming your way. The stainless steel buckles are corrosion-resistant, easy to secure, and coordinate with similar casings on versions like the Casio AE1200WHD-1A nicely.

VARIO’s AE1200 straps are currently offered in six colors: the ever classic black, plus Moss Green, Merlot Red, Prussian Blue, Cinnamon Brown, and the darker Pecan Brown. Before their first use, the straps may appear much darker than their namesake colors, but that’s the beauty of pull-leather accessories. Once you start bending the straps, that eye-catching two-tone effect bleeds right through, creating a transformation right before your eyes.

Grab all your favorites from, and instantly convert your Casio AE1200/AE1300 or any other 18mm Casio series watch into something out of a Bond film for $28.

vario ae1200 casio royale watch strap

Casio AE1200WH on Vario Cinnamon Brown Fitted Strap

We hope you found this article helpful. Have questions or comments? Send an email to

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