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Articolo: Vario Travel Watch Case 2.0 Contest

Vario Travel Watch Case 2.0 Contest

Vario Travel Watch Case 2.0 Contest

Do you put your watches in your socks when you travel?
Check out Vario's soon to be launched travel watch case 2.0 if you need a stylish and protective hard case for your cherished watch.

Support our Deluxe Travel Watch Case 2.0 on Kickstarter ending 29 July 2020 !

vario travel watch case

vario travel watch case

Enter our contest below and 5 winners will win our 1st generation travel watch case of their choice. Contest ends 30 June 2020.

Vario Travel Watch Case Giveaway

Thanks Tammy!

46 commenti

I do alot of traveling and this watch case would be very useful.

Judy Rittenhouse

I do alot of traveling and this watch case would be so useful!

Judy Rittenhouse

Great Prize!

lynn neal

Very smart and stylish looking, much better than rolled up socks!

Tracy B



I still have to travel for my job and this case would help out so much.

Laurie Emerson

nice looking and useful


Love to try it

Rajee Pandi

so stylish

Rajee Pandi

Amazing giveaway


cool and stylish


Great prize, this would be really useful for me

James Travis

Love it, thank you

Karen Barrett

This would be a lovely gift for my brother who travels a lot.

Mel Pennie

Thanks for sharing and the giveaway.

Mehmet Ozata

Love this prize, would be so useful.

claire woods

Nice piece of kit, smarter than the average box and good for when we get back travelling!


I these days of rough times some time knowing the time of day is good to know.

eugene jones

Hope i win


A great prize for the travellers. Thanks for the competition.

Adrian Bold

Love a phone case, would be awesome to win

Kristen Johnson

I thought this was a simple case but after reading some information and watching it’s video I think it’s great.


awesome gift to my sister, it’s useful and stylish


My brother has some really nice watches so I know he would love this case.

Soraya M

Not only a useful but also a stylish gift for the man or woman who is difficult to buy for.

Susan B

One of these cases would be very useful. This would protect a valuable watch.

Kathy Pierce

This would so SO much better than using my sock!


Awesome, love that it is getting constantly improved, just like all other Vario products. Well done Ivan and Judy

Cameron Aitkens

This is a fantastic safe idea to keep your valuable watch safe


This would make a perfect gift for my husband to keep his watch protected.

shirley o

Cool product!

William Stewart

Neat & nice-looking product!

Kirsten Lyon

What an interesting prize!


This look fabulous! Would be the perfect gift!

Ruth Harwood

Great idea for protecting watches when travelling

Julian Saunders

Perfect for my husbands new watch that I got him for his 40th last year.

Karen Usher

this would be really useful, I keep forgeting where I have just taken off the watch

fiona waterworth

Ability to store your watch safely in a protective case is a great idea.

Dale Steele Nicolov

This sounds like a good idea.It could avoid having to take off your watch every time going through security.Being able to store safely in luggage in a case to prevent breakage is important.

Dale Steele Nicolov



I travel often and this would be so handy

monique s

Beautiful watch, very classy

Susan Smith

I love it!!!! Thank you for the opportunity

Maria Teresa Fernandez Ferreira

This product looks very interesting, being able to protect my watch without losing elegance

Javier Vallejo

This would be a lovely gift for my husband on Father’s Day

Sheena Batey

This would be very useful for me.

Peter Watson


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