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Articolo: The Best Bracelet for Everyday Wear - Woven Mesh from VARIO

The Best Bracelet for Everyday Wear - Woven Mesh from VARIO

The Best Bracelet for Everyday Wear - Woven Mesh from VARIO

Finding jewelry that suits more than one type of occasion and goes well with multiple outfits can be tricky. Something flashy or eye-catching enough to be worn to a formal occasion may seem like overkill for a day out at the park or a sporting event, and something that goes well with a suit or professional clothing may be too plain or understated for a dinner party or get-together with friends.

Design is important, but it’s only a part of the equation. The versatility of a piece of jewelry can also be affected by the quality of the material, as something well-designed but with cheap materials can appear tacky and poorly made. Fortunately, VARIO has struck the perfect balance between affordability, durability, versatility, and style, and it comes in the form of its line of Woven Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelets.

vario mesh bracelet

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Available in four colors (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold), our bracelets are crafted by the high-end German jewelry production company, Staib. Each is crafted from fine threads of stainless steel before being plated with bronze, silver, gold, or rose gold for color. They can be bent to comfortably fit wrists between six and seven inches in diameter, and have open clasps that can slide easily over the wrist without assistance. The smooth, polished closures secure the ends of the bracelet.

But why is our woven stainless steel bracelet perfect for everyday wear? We’ve got a few points for you to consider.

It’s Durable

Stainless steel is one of the strongest and most durable metals. To put it simply, our stainless steel bracelet can stand up to the stress of daily wear, such as sunlight, water, bumps, and scrapes for years with only minimal damage. It is also resistant to oxidation, which greatly lowers the risk of rust faced by other metals. While it is always better to care for your jewelry and store it in a proper box or case, a stainless steel bracelet is a realistic purchase for someone who is always on the go and doesn’t want to worry too much about taking their bracelet off for activities.

The Design Is Versatile

Rather than use a plain band, or try to inlay it with other jewels, we chose a woven mesh style to give the bracelet design texture and depth without adding unnecessary elements. This is what allows the bracelet to pair well with almost every type of clothing, as well as other jewelry or accessories you may choose to add to the mix. It looks lavish without drawing too much attention, but can also serve as the simple yet stylish focal point for your look.

It Requires Minimal Upkeep.

As with most stainless steel products, caring for your bracelet will take little to no effort. Cleaning and maintenance don’t require any special solutions – some soap and water are all it takes to keep your bracelet looking as good as it did the day you purchased it, and you can dry and polish it yourself by hand. While a microfiber cloth ensures minimal abrasion during cleaning, most soft materials can be used for washing and drying.

All The Options You’ll Ever Need

Most outfits can be coordinated with the four colors we have available. Plus, for every additional color you choose, you claim a much higher discount. While the basic colors of gold and silver will go with most outfits, the bronze and rose gold options can coordinate with a wider range of outfits, allowing you to mix it up every once in a while.

We hope you found this article helpful. Have questions or comments? Send an email to

vario woven mesh bracelet

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