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Articolo: Dec 2021 Giveaway Contest

Dec 2021 Giveaway Contest

76 commenti

You know Michael, we look a lot alike . We both have the sane skinny build. You could put my head on your body and it wouldn’t change a thing.

Eric Illgen

Been in love with your brand since buying an Empire Handwound!

Sergio Martin-Prieto

So versatile in its simplicity! thanks for the contest :)


Love your work team vario!

Kevin chen

Great watches

Rob Lester

This is a handsome watch!


Thanks for another great giveaway Ivan and Judy!


Looks great, good luck everyone!


Nice looking watch! Thanks for doing the GAW and crossing my fingers that I win.

Ryan A.

love the elegance of this watch

Karen Bellomy

I love the uniqueness of the Vario designs. That’s why I have three so far, and counting….


Nice looking watch.


I like the clean look of the face.


My son loves your watches and turned me onto them. I would love to own one also.

Black Water Siren

Would love to add this to my collection! Thanks for the opportunity.

Mike S.

Hoping to get an Eclipse in the future if they become available!


Thanks Ivan for your great watches and straps!


So beautiful watches!

Jonas Bjurlén

What a beautiful watch. Thanks for the contest.

Debbie Welchert

not a good image of the band


Looks great. Good luck everyone.


Great watches and a wonderful giveaway

Nigel Soper

Great giveaway, Ivan. Thanks!

Jim H.


Rhonda Miotke

Looks great!


Great choice of movement!


Great choice of movement!


Very generous giveaway and like all your watches, a great piece.

Jeff Manzer

Thanks for the great watches and for this opportunity.

Sean Corrigan

You guys keep doing what you’re doing : the best quality, best design and original watch products!


Very cool watch

Kevin H

Another handsome watch. Here’s hoping.

Alex P

I have two of your watches (Empire and 1918) Would love to add the Eclipse !! ;)


Awesome ! Fingers crossed !


I love this so stylish

Jenny Ham

Nice watch~ hope 2022 brings me luck:)

yeah yeah

Cool design!


Participating in this contest!

Chee boon Ong

Very clean design

H Terlecki

Please, please, please let it be me🤞

Alan Knight

Classy and elegant design. Can’t go wrong with this watch.


That quartz seems interesting! Good luck all.


Lovely looking watch! Good luck to all

Chris P

Did not know this watch was available, doh! Classic design and domed sapphire, lovely!


Great contest. In it to win it :)


One of my favourite watch is your Empire Seasons summer. Cant get enough of that dial :) also using several of your straps in my collection. Thanks for the contest. Good luck everyone.


A happy and prosperous New Year to the Vario team!

Garth C Lobban

Hopefully I will be able to win this amazing watch!

Zhi Yi Yeo

Very much looking forward to the Empire chrono as well as the Empire handwound and auto reissue. These are superb watches!

Thomas Ludwig

Welp, I live for the gamble so let’s see how this goes.

Rodney Figueroa


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