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Eclipse Watch Pre-Order

Please check out to get your Eclipse dress watch.

The Eclipse Watch features Handwound and Quartz Movement with Clean Sweep Hands, Double Dome Sapphire and Harris Tweed Strap. (Yes! Our quartz watch tick like a mechanical watch but have the accuracy and convenience of a quartz)

vario eclipse watch miyota 6t33 seiko vh31 double dome sapphire harris tweed strap

It’s the 1960’s. There are psychedelic t-shirts as far as the eye can see, everyone wants the London look, ‘Mod’ is the new modern, and the first man has just walked on the moon.

The moon has always borne great significance in many cultures throughout the history, representing immortality, eternity and enlightenment. Chinese mythology speaks of a great hero that shot down nine scorching suns to save the human race, and in return for his deeds received an elixir that would make him a god. He offered to share it with his wife, who took it in secret and ascended to the moon by herself, but a hound, loyal companion to the hero, took what little elixir remained and followed her, swallowing both the wife and moon causing the first lunar Eclipse. The celestial army recognized this as a great feat of loyalty and bravery. The hound was made a celestial being and allowed to guard the heavenly gate.

vario eclipse watch caseback

Just as the hound was the hero’s faithful companion, we hope this watch will become yours. The specially engraved case back features the design of the legendary hound, as well as the sign of the legend in traditional Chinese characters which translate "Heavenly Hound devours the Moon"

vario eclipse watch silver 38mm

vario eclipse watch blue 38mm

eclipse watch by the shade

Harris Tweed was popular in the 60s and is known for its versatility and its use in luxury items. We felt it was in sync with the Eclipse watch and we developed a unique strap (not found in most brands) made of 100% genuine Harris Tweed, with a soft leather backing for comfort.

vario eclipse watch grey 38mm

vario eclipse watch black 38mm

eclipse blue with rose

Double Dome Sapphire crystals are desirable but not commonly used in modern watchmaking except for the luxury watch segment because of its high cost

vario eclipse sapphire dome glass


Case diameter: 38mm
Height to apex of crystal: 10mm
Case thickness: 7mm
Crystal: 3mm double dome sapphire (anti-reflective coated on inner surface)
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Dial: convex sunburst dial in silver, grey, blue, green and black colour
Strap: 20mm harris tweed strap
Movement: Choice of Seiko VH31 Quartz movement running at 4 ticks every second (4 Hz) OR Miyota 6T33 hand-wound mechanical movement (4 Hz)

vario eclipse 6t33 vh31 harris tweed dome saphire watch

vario eclipse watch blue 38mm

eclipse watch 38mm silver 6t33 vh31 dome sapphire harris tweed watch

eclipse watch black with harris tweed

Most quartz watch on the market tick once every second whereas our Seiko VH31 quartz ticks 4 times every second (like a mechanical watch), making it a beautiful experience to watch. Our Miyota 6t33 handwound version was chosen as a tribute to the 1st watches used on the moon in the 60s as they were mechanical watches as well.

Our team has already run 2 successfully delivered campaigns for the watch strap in 2016, and we are back with a bigger challenge, raising $10,000 to fund the production of the Eclipse watch collection. With a 3mm double dome sapphire crystal, convex sunburst dial on a 38mm case, Seiko VH31 quartz and Miyota 6t33 hand wound movement, and Harris Tweed strap, the Eclipse is worth its weight in silver, and will be your favorite accessory.

Whether you prefer the impeccable accuracy of quartz or the warmth and soul of a mechanical movement, support the Vario Eclipse for a celestial piece of the Sixties on your wrist.

eclipse watch green

Kickstarter Prices (launching 28 March 2017, 10am Singapore time)

Quartz Seiko VH31 – US$158 (Pre-Order Special) Future Retail Price US$200+

Handwound Miyota 6T33 – US$248 (Pre-Order Special) Future Retail Price US$300+

Harris Tweed Strap - US$28 (1 piece) US$52 (2 piece) US$72 (3 piece) Future Retail Price US$36

Watches will be delivered by September 2017. International Shipping is included in the cost.

vario harris tweed strap

We hope to reach more people so If you back this watch and recommend us to your friends and they back a watch too, we will send you an extra strap (can be Harris Tweed, Printed or Ballistic Nylon) for free. Just email us to let us know whom u referred and we will take note.

vario eclipse timeline

Please email ivan at for any questions/feedback regarding the watch. Visit our social media pages (link found below) for more images.

eclipse watch harris tweed grey

vario eclipse watch miyota 6t33 seiko vh31 double dome sapphire harris tweed strap

eclipse watch 38mm black dial

vario eclipse watch miyota 6t33 seiko vh31 double dome sapphire harris tweed strap

vario press

Please check out to get your Eclipse dress watch.