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Artículo: $20 Gift Voucher to be given away every Month!

$20 Gift Voucher to be given away every Month!

$20 Gift Voucher to be given away every Month!

vario contest

We are giving away 1 x $20 Gift Card to 1 lucky winner every month. 
All you need to do is take part in the contest and please share with your friends! 

Good luck everyone!


60 comentarios

Looking forward to my first purchase of your mechanical model

Jonathan Gelman

I ordered the 1918 trench watch brass case with black dial and white lume. It’s a beautiful watch and keeps spot on time. I had been looking for a fitting way to pay tribute to my grandfather. He had served as in the ambulance service in the WWI. I found it in the watch I just ordered the brass with cream dial and orange lume, medic trench watch. I know Vario will hit another home run when it is delivered.
Thank you,
J Bressette

Joe Bressette

Amazing work on the Versa, nothing alike in the market at least for the prize. Thinking of getting one soon!


Interested to get one of the vario empires, beautiful design.

Khoo Tatt

I am so happy with my 1918 Trench watch! It’s become my new “everyday” watch!


If there’s a June contest, this would be a good compliment for a Father’s Day gift!

A. Mejia

Tuve la suerte de conocerlos a ustedes gracias a Cuenta Regresiva y gane una correa I have the pleasure to know about you in Cuenta Regresiva MX on YouTube and i won a VARIO Watch Strap now i have to wait a few weeks to have it in my hands

Adrian Fernando Noya

You have a lot of good products here

Adrian Fernando Noya

Want to buy your watch badly but short of funds. I need one for me and one for my friend.

Madhav Menon

When available I’d like to order the Versa silver-red watch.

Ralph Treat

Watching YouTube anfmd spotted these.

Simon Larbalestier

Love the trench watches!


Never forget mothersday with this so beautiful watch!

Volker Götz

can i get?


I would like to try one on a citizen bullhead


I want to be part


Beautiful day


The 1918 trench watch is definitely a must have


Just found you.. so sorry I missed out on the Empire Gunmetal Tuxedo Gold.. absolute gem 💎

Wendy K.

Love to grab one ( or three LOL) of the Cordura Watch Straps once available again. Awesome 🍻

harry kerrison

Love the reverso. Where can I buy one?

Scott Beckett

Great watches and straps with good quality and reasonable price.


Great watches and straps.


I really love the jumping hour models, keep up the great job!
Thank you for making watch passion a bit more affordable.

José Andrés

Love the 1918 design

David Williams

Looking forward to the Versa!

Jason Cohen

Very interesting watch’s and some lovely straps too. I shall have to get in and do some shopping.


1918 medic vintage watch looks good


nice watches, good job


Just found your site. Lots of creative but classic designs. Excited to find something for my collection.


Casio Royale leather straps are sweet!

Tomislav Dapic

Spinach for me, Popeye!

Jaime Guerrero

Great Popeye , Power Jumping watch!!


Eagerly awaiting my Vario straps for the Casio World Time watches ! I know they will look great.


Casio 1200 band look great

Silvestre Zamora



discount code please

cheol Lee



Awesome Casio Royal straps!!!


good luck fellas

Lee Changwon

good luck fellas

Lee Changwon

Great selections you offer! Fine materials and design. Wonderful Holidays and All the best for you in 2022


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!


good luck fellas


Ivan, appreciate the communication and encouragement.
Stay safe and stay healthy everyone and best of luck.


good luck all

craig eades

Good luck everyone and thank Ivan and Judy

Robert Evans

Fingers crossed!


Goodluck to everyone !!!


Great strap

Robert Creel

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