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Artículo: Why You Should Ditch The Standard Apple Watch Straps | Vario

Why You Should Ditch The Standard Apple Watch Straps | Vario

Why You Should Ditch The Standard Apple Watch Straps | Vario

With the release of the Apple watch and its wide range of uses, including a hands-free hub for text, email, and app notifications, travel guide, and confirmation device for ordering food, more persons are taking theirs with them everywhere they go. Of course, like most Apple products, the company has also released official accessories for the device – the iPad has the iPad case and Apple Pencil, the iPhone has earbuds, speakers, and adapters, and the Apple Watch has Apple’s very own standard watch straps that you can purchase.

But just as there are many alternative cases that you can buy for your iPad that might work just as well or better for you depending on your lifestyle, you might want to spend an hour or two looking around at what other Apple Watch-compatible strap providers out there have to offer. Why? Well, we can think of a few reasons! Keep reading to find out.

vario graphic watch strap

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Personal Expression

While Apple has done a great job with the watch straps it’s released so far, you’ll notice that they’re rather limited in terms of color, variation, and design. There’s no doubt that the straps are of high quality, but with over a billion users buying Apple products and accessories every year, you’re certain to come across a few people with the same band.

The VARIO store has dozens of Apple watch straps made from high-quality Harris Tweed, graphic, and silicone, with designs ranging from the snake-inspired Golden Serpent and nature-lovers’ Raindrops to timeless Plaid and vibrant Macaron Dots. We do have all the classic solid colors for silicone and Harris Tweed like coal black and ash grey, but have also included greens, blues, pinks, and much more. Why limit yourself to the same designs being worn by everyone else?

vario apple watch strap

Apple Straps Are Nothing New

While Apple’s devices are undoubtedly unique proprietary creations, their watch straps are not. Just like many other creators, they’ve sourced high-quality materials for their bands, and while they are far superior to cheap mass-produced bands that sell for anywhere from $2 to $5, you can also find many equally durable and well-made alternatives with little effort. Plus, you may be paying for the Apple brand, but when most persons look at your watch straps, can they really tell?

vario apple watch strap

More Bang For Your Buck

The price of Apple’s releases have always been a major talking point online, and with good reason. Apple’s watch bands may be priced as pocket-change compared to their tech devices, but it’s still worth mentioning that even their lowest priced straps can get you several beautiful, quality bands from other stores, while their highest priced straps – well, those could get you an iPad mini! VARIO’s most expensive Apple Watch strap options, our soft, wrist-hugging Harris Tweeds, have garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews on quality, and are much more affordable due to minimal markup. You can create a much larger collection of personal Apple Watch straps on your budget by using alternatives.

vario apple watch strap

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal choice, but if wearing your Apple Watch is an everyday habit, and you want to spice things up every once in awhile, it’s worth it to browse the VARIO store (and others, of course!)

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