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Artículo: Vario NAVI x WEI

Vario NAVI x WEI

Vario NAVI x WEI

We were approached by members of WEI (Watch Enthusiasts India) to create their first Limited Edition group watch. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with the design with the help of a WEI member Sam who is an excellent sketch artist. The case is based on our NAVI collection and we've upgraded the case finishing and coated it for scratch resistance. Instead of our signature Gauge hands, a new set of Brequet hands were chosen to give this watch a classy look along with the slightly domed sapphire crystal that encapsulates the dial. The pride of the watch is in the dial and shows the many monuments of India which the sketch artist rendered. We've incorporated the WEI logo at six which perfectly balance the Vario logo to hallmark the collaboration. The end result is a successful collaboration between WEI and Vario that will be rememembered for a long time to come.

The total run for this watch is 80 pieces for WEI members only. Judy and I would sincerely like to thank the watch enthusiasts who bought this watch and Abhishek and Karan who facilitated this collaboration.


vario wei navi collab watch

Response from WEI group

“You can't use an old map to explore a new world.” – Albert Einstein.

The ideation of this group edition began with a search for something that is completely new and fresh, built to the highest standard of robustness, reliability and precision, yet affordable for most of our members. And we found the perfect partners in Ivan & Judy, who joined hands with us on our journey to navigate this challenge.

This Limited Edition of 80pcs WEI (Watch Enthusiasts India) X Vario NAVI marks a new chapter for WEI and Vario watches. The highly successful and sold out Vario NAVI has been completely re-designed with significant upgrades to the movement, case, crystal and country of production, making this the first edition of a new generation of NAVI watches to come.

The dial has been custom created for WEI by a young sketch artist, budding horologist and WEI member. The dial, bearing the group insignia at 6 o’clock, represents some of the many monuments and emblems of national importance, along with a mammoth representing the challenge this project was.

Extremely pleased with how this project turned out, created for our friends at WEI, and brought to life by our friends at Vario.

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