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Artículo: Vario Giveaway Contest March 2018

Vario Giveaway Contest March 2018

Vario Giveaway Contest March 2018

1 x woven stainless steel bracelet will be given away to 1 lucky winner in March.
Do take part in the contest and let your friends know!

vario woven mesh bracelet

vario woven mesh bracelet

vario woven mesh bracelet silver gold rose gold copper

vario woven mesh bracelet silver gold rose gold copper

Length: 170mm (bendable)
Inside width x height : 60 x 50 mm

Contest ends 16 March 2018 and winner will be notified via email by 19 March 2018 and we will announce the winner on our social media.

The more ways you enter, the bigger chance you will win! Please share with your friends!

Vario Giveaway Contest March 2018

72 comentarios

Chic and stylish.


They all look gorgeous, but I’m not a fan of rose gold jewellery.

Adrian Bold

id love one of these :)

janine atkin

Thank you, I love the rose gold.

Kim W

Gorgeous ❤ would love to win one!

Nicola Andrijauskas

Absolutely beautiful pieces and a conversational item. Definitely a winner for any occasion. Would love to win xx

Anneka Avery

I love these and want one..

Brandon Sparks

I absolutely love anything with a rose gold finish, this is so pretty.

Angela Kelly

They look great with all four colours worn together.

jo liddement

I love all of them.

Holly Thomas

Classy and stylish bracelets.


Silver is my favourite colour but they are all very pretty. Love the fact that it is bendable, too. Thank you.

Susan B

Beautiful bracelet

Its Sajn

This bracelet is so classy looking! I would love to wear it.

Margaret Rice

Haven’t seen bracelets that excites me as much excitement I feel with these steel bracelets ??

Christine Michaela Tomon

These bracelets are beautiful. I love them all but I wear silver a lot

belinda bell

Great giveaway and so hard to choose,they are all beautiful

Jan R

I love them all.

Germaine Harrison

Lovely giveaway.

Karen Richards

Fab, thanks for the chance to win!

Christine Lockley

Such nice pieces.

Heidi c.

Beautiful bracelets! Thank you!


Love the variety of colors available!!!


I would like to win this for a friend.


These look awesome. Thanks for the chance to own my own :)

Paula H

I love Rose Gold, but these are all so pretty. They would make a great gift too.

Jessica W.

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Irina Gnatiuk

Love the bracelets!

Michelle Garrity

Beautiful bracelets. Hope I win! :)

Missy First

These bracelets look well made and stylish.

Pam Halligan

So cool, fingers crossed!!

susan l byrne

So cute

Rajee Pandi

Very nice looking! I love the design and have my eye on that bronze color! Swweeet!!!!


i hope i can win.. because i love rose gold.. :)

khairul aziatul akmar akmar

I’d love to win this for my daughter. I like the style

Brian Soderston

Fun bracelet!

Jennifer W.

Awesome jewelry. Love the design of the woven bracelets.

Donna Evans

Great giveaway. Would love to win, good luck all!

sandra burns


Susan Charnholm

Both my gf and I love these designs! We could get matching bracelets and be the envy of our friends.


Love it! Thanks for the chance


nice colors!


Love these thanks for the chance to win one

Sandra Fortune

Love them all

Debbie EDGAR

I love bracelets and bangles, and these are great.

Judith Allen

Gorgeous bracelets!

Judy Thomas

Nice bracelet. My sister would like it.

Laurence Price

great giveaway

john prendergast

My daughter has a huge bracelet collection

Heather Swanson

Very nice . Hope I win.

Tiffany dayton

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