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Artículo: Vario August 2018 Giveaway Contest

Vario August 2018 Giveaway Contest

Vario August 2018 Giveaway Contest

115 comentarios

This is a nice watch.

Cassandra D

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Lily Kwan

I would love this its very pretty


I love this awesome watch. It is beautiful.

Buddy Garrett

This watch looks very classy and I would love to have this!

Hesper Fry

The Vario Eclipse Sweeping Quartz looks like such a great watch. I thank you for giving us all a chance to win.

Jerry Marquardt

Would love this in my collection!

Jo Fo

love to win this watch

Ali Taj

i love to win

Ali Asgar

Looks like a very nice piece I’d love to win it

Charles Card

really nice watch

Joy Venters

really nice watch

Joy Venters

That is a beautiful watch.
Thanks for the contest.

Sarah L

Would be nice

Francis Hornikel

This watch is so wonderful. Has to be the best time piece that I have ever seen. It would look so amazing on my wrist.

Brandon Sparks

The Vario Eclipse Sweeping Quartz is such a fabulous watch, I’d love to win it for my husband


Awesome looking watch that is sure to have the winner receiving lots of compliments.

Darren Scrubb

This is a really nice one!


i would love to win this


Very stylish & nicely watch! Thanks for the giveaway!

Chokri Ghanmi

Lovely watch thanks for the chance to win

Sandra Fortune

Such a great masterpiece thanks for the giveaway

Tod Winkelman

fancy or casual very nice

arlene mccurdy

This is such a beautiful elegant watch. LOVE the wolf on the back.

Kim Tanti

this is a stunning watch

paula cheadle

It’s amazing. Pick me please

Sanaa Hamada Hassan

I Really like this


nice gift for my dad ty

marlene a harris

I would love to win this super watch.

Anthea Holloway

Good prize

James Travis

beautiful watch!!!

Lucy Beckett

Nice watch

Martin O.

I’ve been an unlucky person for so long, I hope this time I’ll break the jinx

Fatih Kurt

I want it




Damn nice watch


I would love to win this for my husband!

Minta Boggs

Awesome giveaway I would love to win this fab watch thanks for the opportunity ☘️

Loretta McDonald

Hi! I like this giveaway!

Hanshien Khyl Villacarlos

Love it!

Abdullah Azhar

I’d love to have this on my collection!


I Love this watch! The watch strap is so unique!

Chris MacDonald

Haven’t owned a watch in over 5 years. They all died from whenever I’d wash my hands. Would love to wear one again. Thank you for this opportunity!


Stunning watch

De Vine

Thanks for the contest!!! <3

Julien U.

I would love to win this fab watch for my husband

Christine Caple

Decent watch, want it…

Bob Marley

Awesome Giveway

Mohamed Tolba


Melodie Mccall-thomas

My husband loves watches. I want to win for him.

tiffany dayton

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