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Artículo: High Wide and Handsome Christmas Watch Corporate Gift 2016

High Wide and Handsome Christmas Watch Corporate Gift 2016

High Wide and Handsome Christmas Watch Corporate Gift 2016

vario hwh strap and custom logo pouch

Mike from High Wide and Handsome was an early backer of our Vario strap project and he was so impressed with the quality and design of our product that he approached us to help him customize his company's Christmas wearable corporate gift. He and his partner Magnus supplied us a few designs created by their in-house team and we offered him some advice from our experience with the printed straps.

vario hwh straps

We proceeded to print the samples and made some minor adjustments to the deisgn and in the end, these 2 designs were chosen by High Wide and Handsome.

vario hwh custom straps

For the watch packaging, we got our vendors to embroider their logo on the felt pouch that we designed to give their company more branding awareness.

vario hwh custom logo pouch

At the same time, we sourced for a minimal styled watch that is trending and presented some samples to their team and they decided on the black minimal watch.

vario minimal watch

The whole process took about 3-4 months from start to finish. Overall it was a pleasure working with High Wide and Handsome based in USA. If you need a one of a kind watch corporate gift, feel free to approach us at with a brief and we will be happy to help you create your custom gift.

vario hwh corporate gift 2016

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