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Artículo: 5 Reasons Every Watch Lover Should Own A Harris Tweed Strap | VARIO

5 Reasons Every Watch Lover Should Own A Harris Tweed Strap | VARIO

5 Reasons Every Watch Lover Should Own A Harris Tweed Strap | VARIO

It is the only fabric in the world to have its own governing body, and with good reason. Originally called ‘Tweel’, Harris Tweed was woven by islanders in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland to withstand harsh winter winds, a function it served well. As evidence of its quality spread, persons began to use it as currency, even going as far as to pay their rent by way of blankets and other surplus lengths of the material.

harris tweed
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With a crafting process that has stood the test of time, Harris Tweed has, over the years, found its way into fashion and accessories, and become synonymous with European elegance and style. Now, the carefully dyed and spun virgin wool is being used in the creation of iconic timepieces, and the Harris Tweed Act that governs its production ensures an unmatched experience when you strap one around your wrist.

seiko watch with harris tweed strap
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Versatility – Whether you live in the tropics or colder regions, Harris Tweed adapts to the climate, braving rain, humidity, sun damage, snow, and your everyday drops, bumps, and scratches. It also stays warm during the winter, yet is breathable enough to be worn on your wrist all summer long.

Sophistication – From bespoke suits to beautifully upholstered furniture, Harris Tweed has gained international recognition as a top fabric choice for luxury items, including wrist watches.

vario eclipse watch on harris tweed strap

Beauty – The production of Harris Tweed is an intricate process that involves dying wool with individual colors before spinning them together. This gives the weaver greater control over patterns, tones, and hues, which lead to richer, more vibrant finished pieces.

Inimitability – Handmade by generations of Scottish Islanders who mastered techniques passed down through the ages, Harris Tweed is incomparable to any other fabric, and lends that same exclusivity to its products.

Timelessness – Harris Tweed is a lifelong investment. Durable, always in fashion, and able to be restored by specialists, it’s the perfect gift for a loved one, and ideal for creating family heirlooms.

vario harris tweed watch strap

Want to see for yourself how Harris Tweed stands up to other watch strap materials like plastic, leather, and rubber? Check out Vario’s website to make a Harris Tweed strap part of your collection today.

vario eclipse on harris tweed strap

For the full range of Vario's Harris Tweed watch strap, please visit

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