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Artículo: 4 popular G-Shock mods that you may already know | VARIO

4 popular G-Shock mods that you may already know | VARIO

4 popular G-Shock mods that you may already know | VARIO

The Casio G-Shock remains one of the most sought-after watches around the world. The watch is quite easy to pick up, it's inexpensive and it's known for its extreme durability and reliability. Over the years many fans mod their G-Shocks to show off their unique personality. If you have one of these watches and you would like to mod it for something a little different, here are some quick mods that you can consider:

Changing to a negative display
By dismantling your G-Shock and turning around the polarizing film by 90°, the digital display will be completely reversed with the numbers appearing in the white format rather than in the darker format. This is a fun way that you can completely change the look of the entire display. You could also look at installing a variety of different types of polarizing film to create different colors within the watch. By cutting out the film with a craft knife and placing it into the display area, you can effectively change the look of the entire display.

gshock negative display mod

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Dying the G-Shock watch strap
Some of the special edition G shock frogman style watches can go for thousands of dollars. By removing the watch strap and boiling it in a red dye or any one of the other special edition colors, you can get the same look of a G-Shock special edition watch for the price of a regular G-Shock watch. This could save you thousands on a look for a watch you could easily re-create at home. Please note you can only dye a translucent strap and not the black watch strap.

dying your gshock

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Stealth your G-Shock
With a G-Shock and some scrubbing brushes you can clean off the main bezel for your Casio G-Shock watch. Removing all of the finish from the outside of the watch will give it a cool stealth look as well as help to clean off any items that you could have picked up over time. The simplest and most popular way to stealth a G-Shock is to remove the paint from the bezel and band with a paint remover like Goo-Gone Extreme or Goof Off. This remains one of the best ways that you can clean off a G-Shock watch and make it look almost brand-new.

gshock stealth

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Using/Zulu straps with your G-Shock
For those of you looking to using a/Zulu strap on your G-Shock instead of the original resin band to militarise the look of you G-Shock. This is one of the simplest mod and changes your G-Shock look drastically. Once you've installed the straps you can swap between straps within seconds. They are comfortable on the wrist and will last for many years to come.

vario gshock adapter

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Consider any one of these top G shock mods if you are interested in improving the look of your casio G-Shock today.

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