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Artículo: November 2020 Giveaway Contest

November 2020 Giveaway Contest

15 comentarios

Great gift ideas for Christmas!


Great contest!

Leonid Morozovskiy

Well some nice leather straps for my Fortis Watch would be nice.
Where else if not Vario? ;-)
Hopefully there`s a chance to win a little discount…

Johannes Mangold

I feel the need, the need for tweed. Wathbands, that is.

Oskar Klosoff

Vario adds something a little different and special to the watch community. Live long and prosper.

Chris Grieves

I have a few Vario straps and I like them very much. Especially the tweed strap.


Love your straps!


Great giveaway!

Jim H.

Can’t wait for the trench watch

Kevin Thia

Excellent idea !


Great range!!

Adam Wighton

Perfect timing for Christmas!

Darren Young

Cool idea for the monthly giveaway, so very keen for Wednesdays release though on the 11th of the 11th!

Cameron Aitkens

Looking forward to trench watch.


Thank you!


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