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Artículo: Nov 2023 Giveaway Contest

Nov 2023 Giveaway Contest

Nov 2023 Giveaway Contest

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The VERSA is an amazing design.


I found this watch brand on Remembrance Sunday as I have been searching for a unique watch brand for some time. Fittingly I fell in love with the Trench Watch seeing this on this sacred wartime anniversary. This is the watch I will purchase taking me into a new chapter of my life – thank you Ivan / Vario team for making this happen. The world needs to know more about this – feel privileged to be an early adopter of this style and brand. I finally found my watch brand as a loyal customer.

Gerard Van Patten

I wanna win

Lim Wei Tian

Looking forward to the new strap for Timex Q!

Kevin Brost

Good luck all


Thank you for another opportunity!

James S

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