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Artículo: Mar 2023 Giveaway Contest

Mar 2023 Giveaway Contest

21 comentarios

What a nice opportunity, would love to win!

Jared N.

Looking forward to the 1945 ;)


Love it!


Wish everyone get a lovely gift.

Frank Chen

Love giveaways like these!


Saw the recent release for MOP models. Those are stunning! Maybe one of these vouchers will help me pull the trigger..Haha!


Came here from YouTube after watching the 5 years commemorative video – such an inspiring tale of hard work with a clear direction of brand identity. You guys deserve so much more recognition!

Dave R.

Saw a lot of online features for the Vario Versa. Hoping that it restocks soon!

Paul L.

Can’t wait for the winner announcement! Feeling really lucky this month!


Just found out about these monthly contests..what an excellent idea to drive engagement from Vario!

Matthew S.

Fingers crossed for a win!!


Loving the work you guys are doing with the custom-fitted Casio Royale straps! Any chance of expanding the current selection? With different strap materials perhaps?


Definitely hard to resist the allure of your straps..


Eyeing those striking Casio Royale straps!


Waiting for the Versa restock.. :D


Amazing strap selection guys! Keep up the great work!


Fingers crossed for a strap purchase from Vario!!


Win time

Lim Wei Tian

good luck everyone


Very high quality products, amazing offerings.


My birthday month! Hope I’m lucky!

James S

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