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G-Shock Metal Adapter

$12.00 USD

G-SHOCK owners, unlock endless possibilities in color, style, material, and design when you install one of VARIO’s G-SHOCK NATO Adapters to your favorite G-SHOCK pieces! Our metal adapters are compatible with a wide range of models and paired with any of our high-quality 22mm Elastic, Seat Belt, or Ballistic NATO straps or 2 piece watch bands, your G-SHOCK is ready to withstand anything you can throw at it.

Item Type: Watch Metal Connector
Product Colour: Black
Product Material: Metal
Product width size: 16mm to 22mm

Works with Casio DW-5600 GW-B5600 GB-5600 GWX-5600 DW-5025 G-5600E GW-M5610 GW-M5600 GLX-5600 GLS-5600 GW-M5630 GW-S5600 DW-D5600 DW-5000 DW-5035 GW-5000 DW-5030 DW-5600C GW-5600J GA-100/110/120 GD-100/110/120 GA400/700 

Please check out this link for instructions on how to fit the adapters unto your G-Shock

*The adapter fits many G-Shock models but not all models. Please check with us if you're not sure if the adapter will fit your G-Shock model. They don't fit our 2mm Single Pass Cordura as there is not enough clearance between the adapter and spring bar.
**We are not responsible for any damage to your watch or yourself during the installation process and any damaged adapters will not be refundable.

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