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Wearing your watch on your left or right hand | VARIO

Watches come in many different styles and sizes and can be worn as a functional instrument or a stylish piece of jewelry.

While it is acceptable to wear a watch just as you feel comfortable with, there is often a heated argument about which hand is most appropriate to wear a watch.

vario gshock watch strap
Watch on right hand by @iamerwindc

Often time, people are saddled with the concern of the appropriate arm to wear the wristwatches, while some believe that wearing the watch on the left hand is the norm and that it gives more comfort, this is so because majority of people are right handed and they perform most of their tasks with their right hand.  but does that mean the lefties will not be given consideration if we are to say precisely the correct hand to wear a watch?  This shouldn't be so!

There is no precise rule on the best hand to wear a watch, the norm is to wear your watch on the wrist that is most comfortable and where your watch won't get In the way of your movement

Wearing watches on the free hand helps people maneuver their activities easily with their preferred hand, for the lefties, wearing your watch on your off hand (right hand) will prevent you from injuring yourself with your wristwatch and will also prevent you from damaging your watch during your activities

vario watch strap
Watch on left hand by @limjingfeng

Wear your watch on the wrist that is most comfortable for you. The normal method is to wear your watch on the less occupied wrist,  and since your left happens to be the most occupied hand,  you shouldn't hesitate to wear your watch on the right hand,  don't allow tradition to dictate which hand to wear your watch,  wear it where you find it most comfortable.

 There are few consequences of wearing your watch on the same hand you are using for your activities, and they are mentioned below. 

1- You usually use a lot of forces on your preferred hand during your activities, your wrist's muscles will exercise if you wear your watches on the same hand you use for your activities

2- Excess exercise will break your watch strap, and if the strap is not broken, your wrist might get injured

3- You will be causing unnecessary discomfort to yourself by placing the watch where it's not supposed to be, you may have to constantly take precautions while  doing some of your activities,  something you would have done conveniently if the watch is placed at the proper hand will become cumbersome

vario watch strap

Conclusively, the major consideration when wearing a watch is comfort, make sure to be happy with your fit and style, and you should appear confidently and well prepared for most situations you will come across.

You should not follow cultural dictates or etiquette while placing your watch at your hand; you should rather know what's most comfortable and convenient for you and follow your mind


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  • Ivan on

    @Peter I think he is right! Never thought about this one. Did he mention the young ones don’t wear watches anymore?

  • Peter Peterson on

    I was told by my Uncle when I was a kid that you wear it on your non dominant arm. He said that way you don’t get boogers on it when you wipe your nose on your arm. Hes the smartest one around hes actually a high school principal so he should know

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