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Vario Nato Strap Collection 01

Our printed straps are proudly designed in Singapore and each of the 10 designs are high calibre limited edition straps available in 18/20/22mm with different hardware finishes that will help you wear your personality.

vario black razor nato strap

Black Razor Nato Strap

vario camo green nato strap

Camo Green Nato Strap

vario escher crates nato strap

Escher Crates Nato Strap

vario macaron dots nato strap

Macaron Dots Nato Strap

vario mono plaid nato strap

Mono Plaid Nato Strap

vario ocean chevron nato strap

Ocean Chevron Nato strap

vario orange tangy nato strap

Orange Tangy Nato Strap

vario raindrops nato strap

Raindrops Nato Strap

vario velvet trinity nato strap

Velvet Trinity Nato Strap

vario sky pyramid nato strap

Sky Pyramid Nato Strap

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