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Vario Giveaway Contest February 2018

1 x 20mm Chromatic Twitch Graphic Nato will be given away to 2 lucky winners each in February. 
Do take part in the contest and let your friends know! 

Chromatic Twitch Nato Strap Giveaway

There are only 100 of these straps ever made and they are not for sale.

Contest ends 09 Feb 2018 and winners will be notified by email by 12 Feb 2018  and we will announce on our social media.

The more ways you enter, the bigger chance you will win! Please share with your friends!


Check out our collection of 1 piece graphic straps at 

or 2 piece graphic straps suitable for smartwatches at 
and Apple watch

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  • muhammad zulkifli bin khamis on

    MINAT SUNGGUH g-shock

  • eburroughs on
    VARIO stylish and good quality straps. Straps and bands do help the watch statement.
  • Andrea on

    Looks very nice!

  • Francis on

    I think it’s great strap, worth every penny you spent on it.

  • AT on

    Love the strap!

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