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Printed Nato Watch Straps | VARIO

One of the essentials to any watch is a good strap, and removing it from the watch will indicate clearly its importance to the watch. To any observer, the watch strap is often more visible than its face, and this is why an extensive collection of unique straps make a small assortment of watched appear classy. For this reason, many people go for unique straps which can make their watches look elegant.

Watch straps are considered cheaper than purchasing a new watch. So, it is more cost effective for one to expand his collection of straps rather than buying a new watch. Therefore, a diverse strap collection can extend the number of combinations available to watch wearers. These sentiments don’t mean that one should not have an assortment of watches. In fact, no one should forget what connects him with his wrist – the watch.

vintage seiko 5 on vario chromatic twitch nato strap

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Nato strap is one of the elegant straps we have in the market today. It was originally made for the British Army soldiers in the 1970s. Although there are a few strap styles similar to the Nato strap that dates back to World War II, Nato strap was the first appearance of the watch strap under its present day title.

The Nato strap makers at Vario introduced a more advanced form of Nato strap –the printed Nato watch straps. These straps comes in different colors and sizes. They also have different designs of the prints to appeal to people who want to stand out from the crowd.

squale watch with ocean cheveron nato strap

The Nato straps are flexible and practical. By saying that they are practical I mean that the user can match his wristwatch color with his outfit, mood or environment. The prints on these straps are of different colors, and the user can always select the colors they prefer. When using them, the user can interchange them within a short time.

Besides good looks, a good Nato watch strap should have watch keeper straps to ensure that the watch case remains on the wrist if one of the spring bars snaps. The watch strap user should also look at other features of the straps such as ease of use, flexibility and durability of the watch strap.


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