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NATO Watch Strap: The Journey | VARIO

Watch straps have been in existence since the invention of the wrist watches. There are many kinds of watch straps and they come in different materials and colors as well. In the 1970s, a particular kind of a watchstrap started making headlines. That was the NATO watch strap.

green nato strap

The Origins

Many people might not have an idea as to what a NATO strap is. However, everyone would have seen these straps. People all over the world wear them. The beauty of these NATO straps is that they can fit every kind of watch. When you hear the word NATO, the first thing that comes to mind is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. What does NATO have to do with watchstraps? This would be the first question coming to anyone’s mind. The answer would seem quite simple. The NATO troops were the first people who used these straps. This NATO strap is an abridged version of the NATO Stocking Number (NSN). The perfect name for the NATO strap is G10 based on the form that the British soldiers had to fill in to get these watchstraps.

The Journey

Just as with all military installations, the NATO strap also has strict specifications to follow. It has to be in nylon, made in “Admiralty Grey” with a specific width of 20 mm. It has a chrome-plated brass buckle and keepers. To ensure that the watch stays in place, there is an additional layer of nylon attached to the buckle. This feature helps to keep the watch secure should a spring bar break or pops out.

sean connery nato strap

This NATO watch strap is a popular one. Even the original James Bond, Sean Connery wore one during the filming of the film, The Gold Finger. The watch strap had its utility at that time for the military as it used to blend with the uniform color and the camouflage etc.  However, nowadays, the strap comes in a variety of colors. The best thing about the strap is that the biggest watchmakers have adopted this strap and we now spot them on a watch that cost tens of thousands.   

Currently in the market there are NATO straps in nylon, leather, rubber and comes in multiple colours and patterns and come in all sizes. This enables people to wear a particular strap to suit their mood or the occasion. They are durable and inexpensive. We think the NATO strap is a trend that will stay for quite some time and we’re excited to be part of its evolution.    

archimede with vario nato strap

gshock gd100 with vario nato strap

pebble classic with vario nato strap

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