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More Options for Your G-Shock Watch Strap with VARIO’s G-Shock Adapter Kit

When G-Shock Japan unveiled their Military Black Series back in 2016, tactical watch enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats. The all-black DW-5600BBN-1JF, DW-6900BBN-1JF, and GA-100BBN-1AJF were rolled out with monotone blackout faces, reverse LCDs, and patented CORDURA® straps, notorious for their resilience in the harshest conditions. Unfortunately, this left owners of previous models with limited options when it came to achieving the same look or level of durability the CORDURA® straps were providing. Short of purchasing an entirely new watch, they were stuck with standard straps of most G-Shock collections.

Until now.

casio gshock ga110 on cordura strap

VARIO rolled out a custom G-Shock Watch Band Adapter that lets G-Shock owners combine their favorite watches with CORDURA® bands, and achieve a look and functionality similar to the the DW-5600BBN-1JF, DW-6900BBN-1JF, and GA-100BBN-1AJF at a fraction of the price. Compatible with a wide range of models, the adapters take minutes to install, and once fitted, give you immediate access to multiple customization options for your wrist. The colors and styles offered by sites like VARIO merge function with style, so you can show off your personality regardless of the watch you choose to wear. We also have classic colors like brown, olive green, and of course, black. Even better, those with the Military Black Series can still use the adapter to gain access to more options than the plain black the models come with.

A huge benefit of the adapter is that it allows you to change your band in seconds when it needs to be cleaned or has taken damage. You won’t need to wait for replacements or go through the process of changing the straps without an adapter each time. NATO and CORDURA® fabric straps, while sturdy, are easy to clean, and can be thrown in the washing machine or scrubbed by hand. Your new watch strap can go anywhere you go, whether it be on a hike, out camping for the weekend, or even a casual event.

vario gshock cordura watch band


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